The Family Tree of the Delduca Clan

I had this nearly finished! Then a while back the last remaining Water Tank in the loft desided that it did not want to hold water any more and thought that the obvious place to empty itself was right over my Office, Thankfully it only destroyed all my Electronics, Computers and Photograpy gear and most of my Hobby stuff, It managed to miss all of the photographs and historic stuff that I have got for all of the family menbers, mainly thanks to ‘Really Useful’ boxes.

The problem now is that I have has to box everything that was left up and fill up a few of the rooms so that we could redecorate and re-purpose the old Office as a bedroom, meaning that a new Office is required, but other things have taken precidence so I am afraid that it will be a while before I get this page and all of the photos scanned in, uploasded to this website.

Please bare with me, I am trying to get ahead of the game and will upload stuff as soon as I can…