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Mary has been at it again! we revived another great package from her today with another load of photos and information regarding her family.

Included in this correspondence was some really useful information and photos that fills a few more gaps

We have some dates now for the log book:

Arthur Lee Glover

Born: 23rd May 1874
Died: 12th January 1949

John Surr Prince

Born: 19th November 1883
Died: 24th November 1947

Dorothy Ethel Prince and Rev. Hugh Prince Wedding Day 29th April 1941 at St. Ninians Church, Douglas, Isle of Man

Dorothy Ethel Prince and Rev. Hugh Prince 1980

Dorothy Ethel Prince (nee Glover) and Rev. Hugh Prince
Temple Sowersby, Cumbria 1981

Margaret Sanderson (nee Prince) and Peter Sanderson 2018

It is really nice to have photos of those we are so very grateful to for the wonderful information that we have been sent regarding the old house that we live in and the past occupants, Thanks again to both Mary and Margaret for the information and items that you have sent to us, it will be taken very good care of, and is very much appreciated by all. 

Included in this bundle was something writtern by Dorothy Glover maybe for some article.